Prepress, Graphics & Design Services

The look and feel of your envelope has a direct impact on your ability to effectively reach your target audience and meet your desired objectives. Let the experienced in-house prepress, graphics and design services teams at Mac Papers Envelope Converters (MPEC) help you find the right creative solution. We will work with your original graphics or create a new design for your envelope. MPEC uses the latest Adobe design programs to build a graphic file to make the perfect high-resolution flexographic or offset plate. Our team is here to serve you.

Artwork Requirements:

  • PDF files preferred for all artwork
  • Embed all fonts in the PDF – in a folder named “Fonts”
  • Include PostScript fonts only – we do not read TrueType font files
  • Please make sure all color breaks are correct
  • Include all images used in your artwork
  • Send vector images (ex. EPS created in Illustrator) with all outlined type – not raster images (ex. JPG, GIF created in Photoshop).
  • Purchase order number
  • Client contact info (company name, contact name, address, telephone number, email address)

File Submission Guidelines:

  • Files under 10MB – email to [email protected]
  • Upload files over 10MB to our FTP site
  • Contact MPEC Graphics or your customer service representative for FTP login instructions