Protecting Your Envelopes

A variety of issues can occur when envelopes are improperly stored, including curled edges, stuck seals and warping. Many of these problems are avoidable. Here are a few suggestions to help protect your envelopes:

Stack envelope cartons properly.

Do not overlap cartons off the edge of pallets.

Stretch wrap cartons or skids to protect envelopes from humidity, dirt and movement on the pallet before warehousing or shipping.

Feather the pallets when loading or unloading – curled or warped envelopes result from dropping pallets or cartons onto the floor.

Store envelope cartons or boxes away from outside or exterior walls.

Do not store boxes and cartons directly on the floor to protect the envelopes from harmful moisture concealed in the floor.

Avoid double stacking pallets of envelopes.

Rotate stock, using the oldest stock first.

If envelopes are stored outside of the work area, relocate stock to the work area as soon as possible, letting the envelopes acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the work area.

Keep boxes in master cartons and keep cartons sealed while in storage.