Online Bill Payments

Our online bill pay allows you to pay and manage your invoices conveniently and securely 24/7. In addition, there is an option to download and export invoices in a format (i.e. CSV) for electronic uploads into accounting software.

If you are new to our bill pay portal, you will be asked to create and account with your customer information, customer number and enrollment token. Your enrollment token can be found on your bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are introducing a new customer portal that will allow our customers the ability to view and pay their invoices online. Payments can be made electronically via credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) or ACH debit from a bank account.

In addition, we now have the capability to send invoices electronically. This allows our customers the accessibility of viewing invoices online, printing the invoice at their convenience, or downloading their invoices in different formats (i.e. PDF).  Customers will also have an option to export their invoices in a format (i.e. CSV) for electronic uploads into their ERP system.

For payments made at the time of order with a credit card through our local branches, there is no change.  Please continue to make your payments the same way.

All credit card payment requests sent to our Credit Department ([email protected]) will be migrated to the new customer portal and payment of invoices will be made by the customer online.

If you make ACH payments today, you may continue to do so and no change is needed. However, you still can receive invoices electronically via email or view and download invoices through the customer portal.

This service is provided as a convenience to our customers at no additional charge.

Customers with an email address on file will receive an email notification that your invoices are available with a link to the invoicing/payment site. The email notification will also have a pdf attachment of your invoices.

You may also log into the portal at any time to view open invoices on your account.

While there will be no formal training, the portal is very easy to navigate and if you have questions, you can reach out to our Accounts Receivable Department at [email protected].

You can access the online billing portal by going to the links below and setting up an account. You will need your customer number and the enrollment token number found at the bottom of your invoice.

Invoices will be sent to the email of the primary contact.  This contact will serve as the administrator for the site and can add additional users with specified privileges. Then invoices can be sent to multiple users.

No, the invoices will appear the same as before, but now can be delivered electronically versus through the US Post Office.

No, the invoices will appear the same as before, but now can be delivered electronically versus through the US Post Office.

Currently, online payment is not mandatory, but we encourage you to pay your invoices online.

At this time, you will be allowed to receive a print bill if you so choose in addition to receiving an electronic notification. However, we encourage our customers to log into the portal view, print and pay your invoices.

You will be able to see invoices issued after our go-live date for one year.  Invoices issued prior to go-live date will not be available.  For invoice copies prior to the customer portal go-live please contact your account manager or local branch.

Billing questions please contact your account manager.

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