May 7, 2020

Manta™ Easy-Seal Envelopes with Duo-Flap Closure

Mac Papers Envelope Converters (MPEC) announces the availability of its new Manta brand easy-seal envelopes with two-flap closure.

“We are extremely pleased to provide our customers with what’s become one of the most popular choices for #10 envelopes,” stated MPEC Sales Manager Jeff Henson. “As our Manta trademark and logo design suggest, our new high-quality envelopes have a double-flap closure.”

When the Manta envelope has been filled and is ready to seal, the user simply turns the bottom flap up and folds the top flap down over the latex-gummed surface, creating an easy and efficient seal.

“Now more than ever, efficiency and reduced contact during the fulfillment process is preferred,” added Henson. “With Manta easy-seal gummed envelopes, there isn’t a need to apply moisture to activate the seal, helping eliminate waste – in terms of product and process, and avoiding potential health and hygiene concerns.”

Manta #10 envelopes are available with and without windows. They are stocked and available at Mac Papers distribution facilities located throughout the Southeast and can also be printed and converted at the MPEC operation.

“We have dedicated production capacity to fulfill customer demand for our new Manta easy-seal envelopes, stated Director of Operations Scott Sipkovsky. “As a leader in the envelope market, MPEC remains committed to offering a wide spectrum of envelope sizes and options to our diverse customer base.”