Friday, November 15, 2019

Many envelope users find themselves with faulty (curled, dirty, warped, stuck) envelopes.  Though some of these problems may result from manufacture, many occur from poor storage, heat, humidity, or handling.  Some of these problems are avoidable and the following are some suggestions that can help alleviate them:

  • Do not over lap cartons off the edge of pallets.

  • Stretch wrap cartons or skids for shipment and warehousing.  This protects envelopes from humidity, dirt and movement on the pallet during shipment.

  • While loading or unloading pallets, feather the pallet onto the truck loading dock, warehouse floor or rack.  Curled or warped envelopes result from “beatings” by employees not realizing the damage they are inflicting by dropping pallets or cartons onto the floor.

  • Do not store envelope cartons or boxes against the outside or exterior walls.  If you have no choice, leave ample room between the product and the wall.

  • Make sure boxes and cartons are not stored directly on the floor.  Always use a pallet or rack system to buffer the product from harmful moisture concealed in the floor.

  • Avoid double stacking pallets of envelopes whenever possible.

  • Rotate stock; use the oldest stock first.  (Check manufacture date on carton).

  • If envelopes are stored outside of the work area, relocate stock to the work area as early as possible to let envelopes acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the work area.

  • Keep boxes in master cartons and cartons sealed while in the warehouses.  (Some cartons have protective coatings to help minimize moisture absorption).


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