Friday, November 15, 2019
MPEC Graphics


MPEC Graphics may be reached at

Alternatively, you can contact our graphics specialists individually:

Jim Johnston:

Lio Correa:

Rachna Ouk:

Please be aware that all artwork sent via e-mail must be headed with the purchase order number.

We use the Stuff-It Deluxe program on the Mac to decompress all compressed files sent.
PDF e-mail proofs are available. All artwork e-mailed will receive an e-mail proof.

A large scale scanner is also equipped which enables us to scan artwork/documents up to 18 inches by 12 inches.


        Adobe Illustrator CS4

        Adobe InDesign CS4

        Adobe Photoshop CS4 

        Adobe Acrobat Professional

We are able to open all artwork sent to us created within these programs either in Mac or IBM format. Please send us artwork created in the same versions or lower, we cannot work with newer versions.


We prefer PDF files.

Please make sure fonts are embedded in your PDF. Also, please be sure all color breaks are correct.

Artwork should include:

- purchase order number

- client name, address, and any other contact information

- make sure that the fonts included in the artwork are enclosed on the disk under a file labeled


- please send PostScript fonts only, we do not read TrueType font files

Please include all images used in your artwork. Send vector images (ex. EPS created in Illustrator) with all outlined type and not raster images (ex. JPG, GIF created in Photoshop).

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