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Manufacturing Capabilities

Plant Location:   Jacksonville, FL           Plant Size:   160,000 Sq. Ft.


Employee Count:   240                        Avg. Daily Output:   12-15MM

Hours of Operation:   24/6



Mac Papers Envelope Converters stocks 500 different sizes, colors, sub weights, windows, and seal closures.  M.P.E.C. supports seven different proprietary paper mill grades.  All of these envelopes can be quickly printed (one, two, three, four, or four-color process) by pulling from stock and print (Critical time is not consumed waiting for envelope manufacturing for print).


Capable of manufacturing both open side (commercials – booklets) and open end (catalogs-coins- policies-large booklet) envelopes.  The range of size of envelopes is from 3 X 5 to 12 X 15 ½.  M.P.E.C. is capable of constructing either open side diagonal seam (die cut) or web style envelopes in either open side or open end.


Re-moistenable adhesive is the most widely used seal closure, but Latex, Clasp, String & Button, and Peel & Seal is also available.  Stock items are available in all of the above.  Latex seal can be added to any stock item even if already manufactured with re-moistenable adhesive.

Capable of manufacturing envelopes with either single or double windows in both open side and open end style envelopes.



8 – Two color Halm Jets capable of printing on folded envelopes either one or two color close registration with perfecting capability.  These printers can bleed off all four sides of an envelope.

2 – Four color Halm Jets capable of printing on folded envelopes either one, two, three, four, or four color process.


M.P.E.C. folding equipment is capable of printing inline enhanced  flexographic printing as the envelope is being folded, either one, two, three, four, or four color process depending on copy and quantity (central impression).

M.P.E.C. can receive artwork via E-mail.  A Graphics capability sheet is available showing all specifications.  M.P.E.C. is direct to plate.


M.P.E.C. handles much of its own freight with its own trucking capabilities within 21 different warehouse locations throughout the southeast.

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